I love a good bit of word play. It’s why I have all the time in the world for the rash of designer dogs – aka mongrels – that has spread across the canine world, and why, when I met my first, and so far only, jug, I was all for kidnapping it and forgetting to send out a ransom note. Jugs are not only of the milk carrying variety these days. Perhaps you have yet to run into a Jack Russell + Pug cross. They are Pun personified – well, this one was, with his longer Russell snout and puggly curled tail, he really was the closest thing to a cow creamer that you’ll find outside the pages of Jeeves and Worcester. Too, too divine.

And so to Biscuit, whose name, as my friend pointed out, is a pun, hence the opening ramble. You see, clarity comes to those who wait. Well – perhaps not clarity … but cute cat pictures, and those never fail to find their audience online


That’s Biscuit (Biskit), or Biskitty as he is sometimes known, Biskitty, Bis-Kitty. And I think that was about the number of times it had to be explained to me before I got the pun, but then, I am absolutely hopeless at getting puns – maybe that’s why I hold them so dear when they finally make themselves known.

So, to Biscuit – prowling through the undergrowth, desporting himself amongst the cat nip, and staring, wide-eyed and colourful-eyed out of the screen – and the frankly ludicrous suggestion from my friend that maybe I could take the face from one picture, and the ears from another.

And yet, and yet, the more I looked into those hypnotic eyes, the more I found myself wondering if it might be worth a go.

I think it was.

IMG_1599First there’s the Elizabeth Taylor/Cleopatra shot:IMG_1603 And then there’s some background work: where does Biscuit come from, where does he go to, how does he really feel about his relationship with catnip, that sort of thing. Oh, and a little fur filling in too …

And then the eyes – the eyes that started off the whole thing.

IMG_1637IMG_1644 2

They took some time, and lots of welly – it’s not easy getting a needle through that many layers of stitching, but my thimble survived.

Night fell.

Next day, the weather changed completely. Looking at the photographs, I think the sun may have come out, which is, of course, always a possibility in England in the Summer months. As a result, all my photos from now on, are of an entirely different portrait. From this to this:

Then it was time for some Liberty print, some whiskers, and we’re done:IMG_1673IMG_1669Oh – and here’s evidence of the Frankenstein moment, the stitch-up of photograph and pencilled in ears. Though arguably, I suppose, the one in front is the more stitched of the two.IMG_1665

And now for the pièce de résistance, Biscuit with Biscuit. The great reveal. You can imagine how excited he was, to find himself recreated in fabric and thread.biscuitIMG_0552.JPG

Well, sort of.


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