This is Buddy.

And if you have a spare day or two, you should go and check out his Instagram (buddythedappleddachshund). You may well get lost there. I did. And it’s not just the pictures. There’s something about the language around Buddy that delights. A chocolate dappled cream miniature dachshund.

Chocolate dappled cream. Isn’t that just like a poem? Better: add a pear, and you’ve got my favourite pudding, poires belle Helene. Happy sigh.

Anyhow – to work and no more daydreams over whether now is the right time in my life for a miniature dachshund (surely they don’t take up too much space?), or just time for more pudding (now that does take up too much space).

This is the photo they chose – I wonder if they agonised over it:IMG_2521

Stunning, no?

And off we go:


All done but the eyes.

Sometimes things are left till last because they are the best bits – as children eat food;  other times because they’re scary – as children treat homework. I think this was homework. And I think it stayed being homework for a long time. There was just so much riding on it – eyes being windows to the soul, never seemed so true as for this pup.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wish there were some way of showing the thickness of the portrait around the eyes – showing just how many stitches went in – a lot of it hand stitching. I know I was pushing the needle through with my thimble, very very slowly at the end. Still, I think I got beyond the homework side of things at the end.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd then he was done, ready and waiting for his new home (/Liberty Tana lawn background).IMG_2801

The story doesn’t end here – but frustratingly, the pictures do. Buddy got a little bit lost in the piles building up for Christmas orders on the desk. And then, one whirlwind day – he was swept up, sewn onto his background, and sent out, before you could say “take a photo for goodness sake you ridiculous clown.”

He went onto this background – IMG_2792but was an even-longer-haired dachshund, silkier and more splendid after a last round of sewing.

Actually, the story doesn’t altogether end here. As Buddy’s owner is, obviously, very handy with the camera, I got the most adorable film of Buddy opening his parcel (well, opening is a rather generous description of a dog nuzzling an envelope in hunt of food – but it was very very lovely). And then there’s this:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 13.20.45

What a star.


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