Angus, or, The Question?

I once read Pierre by Herman Melville. I also read Moby Dick, but that’s another story.

Anyhow – the thing I loved about Pierre was the the subtitle: Pierre, or, The Ambiguities. In fact, I remember nothing more about the entire book, which, given what a stunningly lurid plot it has (incest, murder, that sort of thing – I just looked it up), is quite some act of amnesia. But the one thing I could never forget was the subtitle, and always wanted one of my very own to match. And along came Angus.

This is Angus,

Angus, or, the Question Mark.

Isn’t he lovely? Isn’t his nose long? How will a nose that long fit in a 9 x 14cm rectangle of Liberty Tana Lawn? And finally, is that perfect question mark on his forehead real, or do they reapply it after every rainfall?

I wonder if it would change your experience of life, if you went around with a question mark permanently drawn between your brows. I did see a number of faintly quizzical drawn-on eyebrows on the train the other day, but no full blooded question marks. Maybe I’ll try it one day. Till then, I shall content myself with the beauty that is Angus, an equine Professor Brian Cox, gazing in wonder and curiosity at the universe around him. What’s it all about, Angus? Where, when, why and who?

But lest we forget ourselves in existential ramblings, let’s get to the point, or to the portrait, at any rate.

Horses heads littered the desk that day, in way not usually seen in this peaceful neck of the woods. I printed one off – just to make sure I hadn’t over enthusiastically elongated Angus. I hadn’t.


Getting ready for the lashes in that last shot – they went in at the end, by hand, with some other, final details.



If you know of any horses who would like a bespoke embroidered portrait of themselves – what horse wouldn’t – do point them in the direction of the Commissions page, or drop us a line on their behalf.

One thought on “Angus, or, The Question?

  1. I haven’t read Pierre and Moby Dick is another story, as you say. But did you see that there is an edition illustrated by Maurice Sendak?!? Wild, or what?
    As Chesterton almost said, the most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen. A birthmark does appear in a doubtful photograph of a horse in the exact and elaborate shape of a note of interrogation. And now its so ambiguous. The Man in the Moon? A hooded figure sitting on his hands? Or like Rosetti’s clover, just a lovely shape on Angus’ face. Miraculous.

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