This is Gracie, a rescue dog from Romania – I think it was Romania, somewhere that produces beautiful dogs with melting eyes, anyhow. She has had a bumpy ride in life, and unfairly, it looks like there’s still some turbulence ahead. There is a grace about her – caught in her name – a dainty elegance in the shaping of her head, that makes you want to reach out and rest your cupped hand on her skull. She wouldn’t appreciate it though, not from a stranger, so you must admire her from afar. Maybe that’s why I find myself so taken with her – like all those renaissance lady-loves, exquisite and unattainable: noli me tangere.

Anyhow – I know now, when the Latin breaks out, it’s time for pictures:

IMG_2580There were some lovely phantom Gracie’s appearing on the back as I went.

Now comes the ‘before and after highlights’ moment – always a favourite. It’s like a spot the difference competition, with a fanfare beginning to play loudly in my head, and a happy (and very relieved) voice in my head shouting “ta da!”IMG_2591


And she’s done:

Here’s to a smooth future, with all the bumps ironed out for you.




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