Audrey Versace

Another potential sitter with her own bank account, or at the very least, her own instagram account.

Here’s my starting point. A magazine spread, with the tiniest picture of Audrey. I just love her look of alert devotion. donatella-versace-living-room-decorating-celebrity-sneak-peak-home-tour-better-decorating-bible-blog

Here are the different stages of Audrey’s portrait. Five different pattern pieces, four different materials, pinned, or, if too small for a pin, sewn down as quick as I can, before I lose them. I gave her a bold, but classic, Liberty print background.

Just a few more details to go at this point: more texture on the head – black stitching on black material, so obviously invisible to the camera, three or four more browns on the face and ear, and some white stitching around the muzzle (with a black bobbin thread underneath to create the black stippling). A white highlight in the eye, and finally, some bling.



OK, so, not quite finally. Having slept on it, I realised what she really needed was not some bling, but some MORE bling…


Ah, that’s better.

If you would like a bespoke portrait of your own pet have a look at the commissions page.

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