Jeffy II

He back, and this time, he’s tiny

Just look at those eyes.

It turns out, I am a bit of a dog whisperer. Let me translate for you. He is saying: “Do you think one portrait is enough? Just the one? Really?”

OK – I cracked.

But I’m not sure I could do justice to those eyes, so I took another starting point.

It is an older, slightly fluffier Jeffy.

And here he is, in stitches.


I was in a miniature place when I did this one, having got overexcited by the British Portrait Miniatures at the V&A. He is pretty small – 7cm from the top of his head to the bottom of the picture. I think I should pop him a jewelled locket and call him Queenie.

Uncanny, isn’t it.

Take a look at the detail on him: two different blues on the collar, and three different colours on the tag – and this from someone who used to sigh and roll her eyes at the thought of changing colour for topstitching and having to thread the machine all over again. Step aside Hilliard, there’s a new miniaturist on the block.

Here’s the whole thing. It’s the usual 9 x 14 cm of Liberty Print, he just doesn’t take up so much of it.


the whole portrait


If you would like a bespoke portrait of your own pet have a look at the commissions page.

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