It’s all about Benson today, though that doesn’t stop Henry posing in the background. He is a total pro.

farmhouse dogs

 Benson, is the gorgeous black fur ball in front. But capturing him in stitches proved tricky – as tricky as getting him out of a hole if he has no intention of coming out, if the stories be true.

From first sketches to finished portrait:

There is one of my 3 (yes, 3) finished portraits lurking in the last picture. It just wasn’t working this time.

Bloodied, but unbowed, I asked for a new photo.


Hmmm, well, he was never going to be easy.

But, despite all the troubles he gave me, I am rather fond of the result.


Benson, finally pinned down

Chewbacca eat your heart out.

If you would like a bespoke portrait of your own pet have a look at the commissions page.

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