My latest supermodel: Bella.

From the photos above, I noticed that Bella loves a strong monochromatic background. Now, ruling out the possibility that she is a chameleon hybrid, we are left with two character types to choose from. She is either:

a) extremely shy, and likes to blend into the background, or

b) she is something of a fashionista, and knows how to set up a good shoot.

I can’t tell you the answer for sure, I have never met her. But if I were to make an educated guess, it would be b, there’s just something about the cut of her jib. Either way, Bella can work monochrome in a way not worked since Cecil Beaton and the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady.

Bella and I chose the photo of her sporting a close crop – the ingenue shot (just look at those eyes, if you can take your own off the carpet, that is). And off we went.

I loved this picture. Loved it. Loved the way she came in and out of the bold paisley, half camouflaged, half leaping out, just as she had against the pattern in the carpet. And then, hours later, I caught sight of her across the kitchen and wondered about her new back legs. The black ones. The black back legs which I hadn’t given her, but which had suddenly jumped out from the Liberty print. And from then on, it was all that I could see. As much as I told myself it didn’t matter, I wasn’t happy.

I knew it would niggle at me till I did something about it. So… off we went again, ditching the monochrome for a beautiful, classic paisley.


And here she is in different frames: sometimes against velvet, sometimes Liberty print, and, as ever, tucked onto my bookcase.

I love both pictures, and I love all the frames. I am a mass of indecision over this one, so it’s lucky all the decisions from now on fall to Bella’s owner.

I do know what I would do, though. I’d get Bella to pick.  Whatever Bella chooses, she’ll rock it.

If you would like a bespoke portrait of your own pet have a look at the commissions page.


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