Paper Patterns

Part two of my behind the scenes series: from sketch book to textile, by means of the paper pattern.

I love the paper patterns. Love, love, love. They’re like those little paper dolls I used to play with as a child (it was the 70s, children didn’t have real toys then, I don’t think plastic had been invented yet).

The patterns suffer all manner of indignities with consummate grace. That’s dogs for you. Take Stanley here – it’s like William Tell on a bad day, followed by a double Van Gogh, but he understands, and forgives it all.

And when they’ve done their jobs, they have a habit of hanging around, often long after the finished portraits have flown.

Actually, talking of my childhood toys, I wonder if the afterlife of these patterns has more to do with one of my TV childhood favourites (who am I kidding, lifelong favourites): Paddington. It’s that mix of 2D and 3D, that I find completely irresistable.

Here they are – the Rocketfullofpie equivalent of the mugshot. Round up the usual suspects ….





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