Niko, or, Nine Lives Plus One

IMG_1448 2

And we’re back. Who could resist this shot?

I’m not sure what life I got up to last time, but this is the last one. Promise. It really is, because the finished picture has winged its way over to Japan, and arrived, too.

Why this shot? The eyes have it (so to speak).

And talking of speaking eyes:


Then it’s just a question of filling in. Easy peasy. Forget mobile phones and fidget-spinners, I don’t know why all the kids aren’t out there free-style machine embroidering.

And here, the blog falls into one of those Blue Peter moments, where I whip out the finished article with a legerdemain that belies the hours of fevered work that went on in between. It’s the holding my breath bit, I’m afraid, where I forget to stop and take photos, and just want to push on and get to the bit where it looks good again, or at all.

Though there are these two, on the way:

But basically, it’s a “here’s one I made earlier” moment:IMG_1505

ta da







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