Meet Harry.IMG_1503

Last year, Harry was taken on as a companion to Lottie.

I suppose he winds her wool for her, helps her with the crossword and reads Pickwick Papers to her of an evening, that sort of thing.

You might recognise  Lottie  from last year.IMG_3943With her gorgeous eye-patch, Lottie is always Lottie – it’s hard to disguise so distinctive a face. In contrast, Harry, her companion, is a dog of a thousand faces, sometimes more than one in the same day. Take these two photos, before and after shots, on a recent haircut day:

The same dog? I don’t think so.

More than this, Harry can, along with most -oodle mixes of my acquaintance, disguise himself as a soft toy:IMG_1866Look at the way those paws drape over the sofa – not a bone in them, I’d say.

He can also pass as a Muppet.

Sometimes he’s the mad drummer, Animal:IMG_1459

and sometimes, it’s Miss Piggy:IMG_2005

But in the end, we had to choose just one Harry, and plumped for a festive one:IMG_1870Well, wouldn’t you?

And here we go with his portrait:


from early stages, through to the end: adding some hair, some more hair, and finally, some more hair. Hairy Harry – so good they named him twice (nearly).

IMG_9396All there bar the dog tagsIMG_9402

Ta da



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