Covey, or, What Daisy Did Next

Covey is the kindred spirit of Daisy, who last graced this blog. He is the sequel to last week’s story: he is, What Daisy Did Next. What do you do, when you have a dog who wants to play with big dogs more than is good for her? You find a small dog with a silky coat and a gentle soul, and eyes to melt into. Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.02.18And then you dress them both in Christmas wreaths and dust them lightly with snow, and bring the working world to a standstill when you publish the image online. Thank heavens it’s a bleak dull day in January, otherwise I would still be scrolling through young Covey’s Instagram, singing Christmas carols at top volume, and decking my halls.

Silky, golden-haired gorgeous Dachshunds are not just for Christmas, of course. Turns out they’re ridiculously photogenic all year round:

When young Covey was first brought home, Daisy literally jumped for joy, and proceeded to fetch a range of toys and offer them to the tiny pup to teach him how to play. And if that doesn’t melt your heart, there’s no hope for you.

Enough of this nonsense – as my father would have said with a twinkle in his eye – to work:

It was all rather dreamy at the start – hazy golds and greys – and then the drama of the eyes going in.

Then the work on the the coat. And that took a bit of time – as it would, when you have hair to rival that of the blonde one from Charlie’s Angels on a good hair day. I was kept so busy, in fact, I forgot to take any more photos, and annoyingly, I missed the bit where the highlights in the eye go in – so you will have to use your imagination. It’s the bit where Covey becomes Covey, and the character floods in.IMG_3286

Here he is – playing second fiddle to my mum’s blackwork needle case:IMG_3282

And then he took centre stage – as he rightly should.IMG_3285

Then it was a question of backgrounds – his pink bed to snuggle into, and a background to go with the bed and with Daisy.


IMG_0297 2All done. And rather lovely he is too. It’s safe to say – I rather fell for this pair.



2 thoughts on “Covey

    1. I’m Covey and Daisy’s Nonna. I love your work. I feel like they are here with me, even though they live so far away. Bless you.

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