Humble Bumble

The non-canine takeover continues here on RocketFullofPie. After George Cat blew off the doors, these little ones scampered in.

This was the first photo of Humble Bumble (on the left) that turned up in my inbox. And although I had met him in person, albeit behind bars, I must say I hadn’t remembered the Christmas hat. Doesn’t he rock it, though.

Unfortunately, as a starting point for a portrait, this was never going to work – lovely as Humble Bumble’s face is in this one, the rest of him is a bit squished by his comrade, and the kitchen scales. Kitchen scales? Do you know, I must remember to ask why anyone would weigh a pair of yule-themed guinea pigs. There’s a story behind this one. More photos soon came.

And we were off. There were a couple of sketches first, but they weren’t much help, so in the end, I just jumped in and trusted to intuition.

And here he is, a rather glorious, Humble Bumble. IMG_6542As a footnote, and with his eye fixed on me – I feel a slight doubt as to whether the portrait altogether lives up to his name. I’d say he was rather more knowing, than he is humble. I wonder if I wasn’t slightly infected by one of my favourite Dickens’ villains, the ever so umble Uriah Heep.

Oh, thank you Master Copperfield … for that remark! It is so true! Humble as I am, I know it is so true! Oh, thank you, Master Copperfield.”

I give you my Dickensian piggy, the ever so ‘Umble Bumble.

If you or yours have any domesticated rodents just waiting to be immortalised, do hop on over to the Commissions page.

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