A Twitter Hello


Thanks for following my link from Twitter. As you might have guessed, I am a textile artist and animal lover (based in London). All my portraits are made to order from a selection of photos sent in by the owners.


If you’ve seen my work and are itching for a bespoke portrait of your dog, cat, horse, guinea pig, or any other furry friend, please email info@rocketfullofpie.com or scroll down for further detail of price and contact details.

Otherwise, stop and have a look at some of my recent portraits (from photo to embroidery beauty). Do click on their names (above the pictures) for details of how they were made. And for exclusive behind the scenes looks from recent commissions click on the home page, and take your pick.


Finally if you are interested in how rocketfullofpie got started, do pop over the the About page and leave us a message. Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed making them, Eleri



George Cat


The portraits are all embroidered onto Liberty Tana Lawn samples, 9 x 14 cm, backed with denim. I like to think of the portraits as exquisite miniatures, but it all comes down to the framing. They make can also make a bold statement in a larger frame – which of course is down to the beauty and genius that is Liberty of London, and the beauty that is dogs and cats, and horses, etc, etc. The portraits are sewn both by machine (thread sketching, some people call it) and by hand.  If you’re wondering how it works, imagine drawing, but with the pen fixed, so to make the lines you have to move the paper beneath it.

At the moment it’s taking about 4 weeks to produce the portrait. The portraits are all sewn onto Liberty Tana Lawn samples, 9 x 14 cm, backed with denim.

Prices start at £150 for an unframed portrait and I accept worldwide commissions. Do drop me a line for further details and shipping costs.


If you have any further questions or comments, please do ask (via info@rocketfullofpie.com or the website).

Humble Bumble